teacher professional development is positively associated with productivity in middle and high school math and on-the-job training acquired through experience correlated with enhanced effectiveness in teaching elementary reading and elementary and middle-school math. While careful research is the appropriate tool for determining more precisely what it means to be an “effective teacher,” these inherent complexities make it difficult for stakeholders to … Introduction. The ... (see review by Hanushek (1986)). Eric A. Hanushek, in The Economics of Education (Second Edition), 2020 Overview. Chester Upland School District in Pennsylvania has the distinction of having been put through every gauntlet that a modern school district ca be forced to run. Much of the analysis in the economics of education flows from a simple model of production. Hanushek (1992) estimates that the difference between having a good teacher and having a bad teacher can exceed one grade-level equivalent in annual achievement growth. The common inputs are things like school resources, teacher quality, and family attributes; and the outcome is some measure of student achievement—frequently but not always student test scores. A subsequent Assessments of teacher quality are currently used for policymaking, employment and tenure decisions, teacher evaluations, merit pay awards, and as data to inform the professional growth of teachers. teacher effectiveness, can even produce contradictory findings about educational efficacy. The teacher shortage in the nation’s K–12 schools is an increasingly recognized but still poorly understood crisis: The shortage is recognized by the media and policymakers, and researchers have estimated the size of the shortage—about 110,000 teachers in the 2017–2018 school year, up from no shortage before 2013 (Sutcher, Darling-Hammond, and Carver-Thomas … Eric A. Hanushek, John F. Kain, and Steven G. Rivkin, “Teachers, ... “Evaluating Teacher Effectiveness: How Teacher Performance Assessments Can … Teacher quality assessment commonly includes reviews of qualifications, tests of teacher knowledge, observations of practice, and measurements of student learning gains.
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